Easy PHP Calendar - We really take care of your dates!

Trusted by tens of thousands and for over a decade,
the Easy PHP Calendar is the powerful web calendar you are looking for.

Key Features:

  • Requires no programming skills
  • Rich event descriptions
  • Custom fields
  • Full user control system
  • Customizable categories and colors
  • Mouse-over and pop-up event details
  • Continuous development
  • and much more... [Features]

Easy PHP Calendar is used by:

  • TV/Radio Stations
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Government Agencies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Churches
  • Clubs
  • The Entertainment Industry
  • Hotels and many more

What people are saying...

"With all your help and support the Easy PHP Calendar is worth much more than it costs..... :)"

"After using the Easy PHP Calendar for several years I want to say it performs as advertised, it is a great program that is worth every penny it costs and you will not be disappointed."

"This application may be 'Easy PHP Calendar' but it is very smart and well programmed. The installation, customization and integration was very easy and smooth. Customization is a feast for designers like me..."

"I don't mind supporting a product well done. Cheers to the author for the organization of this product..."

"Thank you for the awesome script and incredible support."

"Your dedication to your product and my issue is so uncommon...only if all scripts out here were backed up by such support. Kudos to you and your business..."

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