Parked Domains

Q: What is a parked domain?

A: A parked domain is a top-level domain name that points to the exact same web site as another domain name. If the domain name points to a different page or site or if it is a sub-domain (even if it displays the same content; such as, it is not a parked domain and would need to have it's own license to use the calendar. This also applies to intranets that are accessed through more than one IP/domain address.

Why do I see a license key error when accessing the calendar using a parked domain?

A: When licensing the calendar, the script becomes attached to the domain name that is being used during the licensing process. Later, if accessing the calendar through a parked domain, the calendar will display a license key error since it's not the domain name the calendar is licensed to.

Q: Is there a way to license a parked domain?

A: Yes. It is possible to license more than one domain in the case of parked domains. There is a limit of 5 parked domains that can be licensed.

Q: How do I license additional parked domains?

A: Open a support ticket and include a list of the parked domains that you want licensed. Further instructions will be provided in the ticket.

Q: Is there a fee to license parked domains?

A: Yes. There is a $5 fee per parked domain that is licensed.

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