Calendar stopped working

So, the calendar was working wonderfully, but suddenly it has stopped. This guide will help to get it functioning again.

Rest assured that the calendar will never stop working on its own. If the calendar suddenly stopped working, something has changed on the server to cause this to happen. Example changes include PHP being upgraded, server/PHP configuration changes and the calendar files being uploaded/restored in an unexpected transfer mode.

No matter the reason for the calendar to stop working*, follow the steps below to resolve the issue(s).

**If the calendar is working but there is a license key error, please skip to the License Errors section below.

1) Download the tester script from the Support Page.

2) Unzip and upload the tester directory to the server where the calendar is installed then open it in a web browser.

3) Follow the instructions in the tester script for the calendar version that is installed on the server.

4) Download the calendar files as recommended by the tester script. If the server does not pass the tests, contact your web host provider and tell them that something they have recently changed has broken the ability to run a script that requires Zend Optimizer, Zend Guard, or ionCube loaders. They will need to resolve this issue before continuing this troubleshooting process. Usually, once they fix this issue, the calendar will function once again. If it doesn't, start this troubleshooting process over again.

5) Follow the Upgrade section of the instructions to upload the calendar files to the server. Instructions: Version 6 | Version 7

License Errors:

At this point, the calendar should be functioning. However, if there is a license error while viewing the calendar, click the Help link in the license error message and follow the instructions to update the license key.

* If calendar installation was moved and you are using Version 6, please also review the FAQ Server Path Issues.

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