License Errors

A license error could be caused by any of the following issues:

1) Incorrect license key

Please copy/paste the license key from the Client Area and verify there are no extra spaces before or after the key. The key should start with "EPC". See How to Update the License Key below.

2) The domain name or directory has changed

The licensed is based on the domain name and the directory of where the calendar is installed at the time the license key is entered during the installation process. To resolve this license error see How to Update the License Key below.

3) The configuration of PHP on your server has changed.

The license depends on functions of PHP to work correctly. A change in the features enabled in PHP could cause the license to be disabled (this is likely due to upgrading PHP). To resolve this license error see How to Update the License Key below.

4) cURL is not working

cURL is required on a server so it can download the license from our server once the correct license key has been entered. Please make sure that cURL is working and that it has access to our server, (some servers may need to add us to their firewall).

To test that cURL is working properly and it can access our server, download the server tester script from our support page and run the curl.php file.

How to Update the License Key:

1) Visit the Client Area.

2) Click the menus Licenses / My Licenses.

3) Click the green active button next to the license for this installation.

4) Click the green Reissue button.

5) Log into the calendar settings, navigate to the License page and click the Update / Refresh button.

*Note: The calendar runs in a limited mode when the license is invalid. Only one event will be displayed for any given month.

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